Poems by Paulina Contreras

Karina Ruvalcaba, Creative Arts Editor


It’s everywhere

There’s no escape from it,

It’s like disease

We all catch it some day,

Can cause people to lose their minds but also


Love is everywhere.

Some are lucky and blessed

And others are unfortunate and cursed.

We don’t know when it comes or goes.

It feels like heaven when it comes

But like hell when it goes.

No one is safe from love.

Love is amazing when is felt and touched

But hate comes and ruins it.

Love never gives up


Lives on and on

And never dies.

Love is wonderful and full of surprises.

Love is magical and happiness.

Love is love.



Girl in Black

No one knows who she is

She never talks or speaks or says a word

She has a blank stare on her face

Like she saw a ghost.

She is a ghost; her skin pale.

Wearing black is all she wears

No color or emotions is there to show.

Until one day she wore not black

But white.

She was the girl in white.

Having a smile on her face

And showing her emotions through colors

The girl in black was gone

Although deep down she had scars

No one knew she was hurt

She smiled through the pain and regrets

She was the girl in black scarred for life

Although she didn’t wear black no more

She will be the girl in black.