Hollywood-Themed Winter Formal Dance


Lisset Saavedra, Staff Writer

The Winter Formal Dance will be held on Saturday, Feburary 10th in the BCCHS main gym from 7-11 p.m. This year’s theme for the Winter Formal Dance will feature the elegance of Hollywood. There will a red carpet rolled out, lights everywhere  and a Hollywood sign to fit the aesthetic.

This exhilarating dance will have a big range of music to satisfy everyone’s taste in music. There will be  drinks and pizza provided for everyone.  There will also be a photo booth to save all the memories made with friends on this special night.

Winter Formal poster created by the sophomore council.

Tickets are on sale from January 16-26 at $10 without ASB card and $5 with ASB card. Starting Janaury 29-Febauary 9, tickets will be $15 without ASB card and $10 with ASB.Lisset Saavedra

This dance is one of the funnest events during the entire school year, so why not make the most of it and make memories with all your friends?