Western Conference Finals pitted the Lakers vs. the Nuggets

NBA Playoffs Feature Los Angeles Lakers Advancing to the Finals Again

Jan Castillo, Staff Writer September 29, 2020

As we all know, it was the Denver Nuggets vs. the L.A. Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. While the outcome for the Western Conference Finals was pretty predictable from my perspective, I do wish...

West Coast Resins logo

BCCHS Senior Launches Start Up Business During Pandemic: West Coast Resin

Debbie Lawhead, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 29, 2020

Typically, when a student wants to start earning an income, they look into getting a job. Some students begin working at a fast-food restaurant, while others are more creatively ambitious, such as Birmingham...

An elk in the wild

Saving Wildlife During a Global Health Crisis is Important Work

Emely Contreras , Staff Writer September 29, 2020

Wildlife conservation is the type of work that has no end. It revolves around time and the actions we as humans create.  Human existence has only continued to grow as we fill out the lands and build over...

Pandemic Brings Back Drive-In Movie Theaters

Pandemic Brings Back Drive-In Movie Theaters

Kimberly Platas, Staff Writer September 29, 2020

Drive-in movie theaters are back again?! The answer is yes! Drive-in theaters have begun to reopen again and people are just excited about it! But why are people excited about something that hasn't been...

Murder Hornets are Identified in Washington State

‘Murder Hornets’ are Identified in Washington State

Sophia Antillon, Staff Writer September 16, 2020

Asian monster hornets are an intrusive species that could represent a danger to bumblebee populaces. They've been prevalently alluded to as "murder hornets;" however, they aren't typically intrigued by...

A sign comparing the Confederate flag to the Nazi flag. Symbols of heritage or of racial hatred?

Racism or Heritage? What Does the Confederate Flag Really Stand For?

Debbie Lawhead, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 16, 2020

In the South, you can see Confederate flags flying high, on many people's cars, and many other places. For many years, people have claimed the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and pro-slavery while...

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