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Alejandro Luna, Staff Writer

Alejandro is a 15-year-old attending Birmingham Charter Community Highs School. He has 4 siblings: 3 sisters and 1 brother. His Least favorite class is P.E. He wants to make good money when he is older so he can buy whatever he wants. He likes being on his phone. He doesn't like icebreakers. His favorite movies and Tv shows are The Nun, It, It 2, Multiverse of Madness, Thor Love and Thunder, Wanda Vision, and What If. He wants to be a pathway completer. He wants a job for money and nothing else. He thinks Achieve 3000 is boring. He thinks dogs are better than cats which is true in some cases. He thinks writing is difficult. He prefers Marvel more than DC. He thinks rollercoasters are scary and fun, but mostly scary. He doesn't like taking photos. He likes playing with his friends. He thinks beaches are overrated.

Alejandro feels that Shawn Mendez isn't as great as most people make him be. The first ever rollercoaster he went on was Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain (btw he regrets it). His favorite ride was Ninja because it didn't have loops or big drops. The ride he regrets going on the most is Twisted Colossus because he didn't expect it to be so scary.  He has a dog but thinks a cat would be better. He heard colleges still do icebreakers which sucks.  He isn't photogenic. He wants to go back to Six Flags just to rego on the rides he had his eyes closed because he was scared, but he wants to try them all out because his friends want him to. He believes crocs are better than normal shoes because crocs can be used in many more ways than shoes.

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Alejandro Luna