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Diego Trujillo, Staff Writer

Diego Trujillo is a 17 year old student who attends Birmingham. He loves Dragon Ball and anime in general. You can always catch him cracking a joke and making people smile. He also likes video games and and basketball. His favorite basketball player is James Harden and he is a Rockets fan. Diego enjoys listening to music and his all-time favorite artist is J. Cole. He enjoys many genres of music but his favorite is rap.

He has a sister, Jackie, who graduated from Birmingham in 2014. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Emily. Diego is a Libra--the dominant zodiac sign as he is a natural leader and very strong mentally. Two of his favorite subjects are English and History. He does not have a favorite color but is fond of black, burgundy, and navy blue.  He has a dog named Ozzy who is four years old and his sister's boyfriend, Martin, has had a big impact on his life because he is a role model.

Diego is very simple, ethnicity-wise, and is 100% Mexican. His father is from Guadalajara and his mother is from Guanajuato. His sister is studying to be a nurse, while Diego wants to be a psychiatrist because he has always been interested in the brain and helping people. 'Dr. Trujillo' is a title that he will not pass up and he will continue to pursue his dream as he continues his journey.

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Diego Trujillo