Elizabeth Rivera

Elizabeth Rivera , Staff Writer

Elizabeth is a girl that will make sure that she is unique. Even though she has a really common name and is 16 years old, like anyone else she still tries her best to stand out in her own way. She has an amazing creativity. Her DIY works that were made from scratch were turned into something new and beautiful. Her favorite subjects include History, English, and Biology. She loves the quote "People are not bad, they only make bad choices." She also enjoys reading and writing and is an animal and nature lover. In the future, she hopes to travel around the world. She has the habit of drinking tea in the mornings.

Elizabeth enjoys learning to paint and draw and she also has talent in photography. She does great graphic designs and knows to Photoshop well. Her favorite holidays are Christmas and Valentine's Day. She's also proud of her roots as a Hispanic and is thankful for her parents raising her with love. One of her top-priority goals is to give her parents the best life they will ever have. If possible, she would like to help people in need. She has volunteered at the Mend which is an organization that helps low-income families receive food and any necessities needed.

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Elizabeth Rivera