Steven Alvarado
Steven Alvarado is 16 year old senior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. He is a kind person who can get along with anyone. In the last three years of high school, Steven has maintained a 3.6 GPA. When it comes to responsibility, he takes the roll of being a leader in classes or with people. Steven enjoys helping people who are struggling in their class, or are having a bad day, or having problems with their family.

During Steven's break, he plays a game called Speed and plays every day. Sometimes he's too much of a good boy:  showing up to class early, listening to the teacher attentively, or even starting his homework too early.

There are different things that Steven does that people may or may not do. He listens to people's horror or drama stories. He is involved a lot in politics, whether it's in the United States or around the world. When he has a break from school, he loves to travel around the states or around the world. Steven works out on his diet to be in shape. He tries to be involved in things he may or may not of thought of or may not like, but goes with it anyways. Sometimes Steven writes poems that feature  horror or drama, but mostly tries to keep himself busy.

After high school, Steven wants to go to a university in Minnesota. He wants to study business in management and get a business administration degree. The reason for that is that Steven wants to study in Minnesota because he wants to reside in Minnesota in the future. He would like to buy a house and raise family there.

Steven Alvarado, Staff Writer

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Steven Alvarado