Baseball Senior Night


Daniel Velaques on the mound

Karina Ruvalcaba, Creative Arts Editor

Baseball has been having great seasons over the years, from winning city championship last year, to having a chance of going to finals this year as well. On May 10, 2018 Birmingham held its senior night against Granada Hills High School. It was such a memorable moment, you saw proud parents, posters everywhere and happy coaches.

I could just imagine the parents feelings, all those years in Little League play of in High School. Since that’s basically what they prepare for, that’s their ultimate goal. While now in High School most students are preparing for college ball. Janette Vergini a mother of one of our senior pitchers, Dj Vergini said,”He’s been playing since he was three years old, there’s so many memories but I still have every pair of cleats, hats, jersey and so many films of his games, i remember that he’ll tell me “I’m going to be a dodger some day.” when he was younger.” Senior night isn’t really just for the players, it’s also a night to appreciate all those days their parents would get home from work and get them ready for practice. From early morning games to games after school. To those parents that volunteered as coaches, score keepers, pitch counter and to those team moms and believe me, it could sometimes be a hassle, I myself was the “team sister” for my little brothers baseball team because no parent wanted to be the team mom. It’s just an unexplainable moment when you see how far they’ve gotten, to see their childhood dreams come true.

As the years pass you see a change in the players as well, in t-ball, you see them wonder around, looking at the sky, picking grass or just playing around with their team mates as they’re in the outfield. To the Farm Division where they have to actually hit a ball off a pitch and from that moment on, they start building up more and more and by the time they finish Major division most of them start changing their mentality to be ready for High School baseball. Some players such as Armando Yanes feel as if they wouldn’t be the person they are without it, he said “baseball didn’t really do much to me when i was younger but once I started getting older, it was my life. I wouldn’t be anything without baseball.” He also mentioned that he was playing in a Jr College right after High School and after that he’ll see if he goes to division one or if he gets drafted.

As the years pass you get a passion for the sport, it becomes your normal, Sebastian Felix said “I feel free, i feel like a kid because it’s what i’ve done my whole life and what feels comfortable.” Some players like Dj Vergini feel confident in the field. others such as Yanes love being in the field, it’s their happy place and the only place they want to be. It’s true that the players grow a bond with each other but the coaches grow an attachment with them also, coach Matt Mowry said. “every senior class is unique, you hold a special relationships and bonds, everythig is always sightly different.”