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The Sorry State of the NBA All-Star Game Format

Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Lakers game in 2021. (photo: Alan Martinez (11))

The NBA All-Star Weekend is a 3-day event where all NBA players take a break from the grueling regular season and take a 3-day intermission full of fun and laughter. It consists of multiple events like the NBA dunk contest, the 3-point contest, the skills contest, and the exciting but controversial all-star game.

The first all-star game was played on March 2, 1951, and the East all-stars won 111-91. The 2024 all-star game has gained notoriety after the East won with a score of 211-186. This has sparked controversy because fans are saying that the All-Star game has become one of the most boring events of the 3-day NBA All-Star weekend. Many NBA fans claim that no defense is played in the game, making it almost irrational to play the game.

The lack of competitive intensity makes the fans of the game feel like the 3-day weekend has no entertainment value to it anymore. The NBA fan base seems to believe that the participants of the NBA all-star game, prioritize the use of flashy plays rather than being competitive.

Ultimately, little ambition comes from the participants, resulting in high-scoring games with minimal defense. The final outcome is an event that feels disconnected from the spirit of competition and fails to engage players and spectators alike.

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This is exactly what was on full display during the 2024 NBA All-Star game. With this in mind, we interviewed BCCHS student Julian Garcia (9) and asked him about his feelings on the game. He stated, “In all honesty, I believe that the NBA All-Star game has overall downgraded with performance levels and lacks real competition to the point where it becomes tedious for fans like myself.”

We have considered some changes the NBA should consider in the all-star game format. To increase the stakes, whichever conference wins should earn the right to host the first game of the NBA Finals. Another way they can change the all-star game is by raising the prize money for the winning team so most players at least have something to play and win–similar to this year’s in-season tournament won by the Los Angeles Lakers.  The winning team members each received $500,000.

Similarly, the NBA could work with some brands and sponsors to reward the MVP of the All-Star game with a brand deal. To bring back fans so they can care about the All-Star game, the NBA should also consider bringing back players who can wear their team jerseys, like back in 2002. For the Saturday all-star events, the NBA can add more fun events like a 1 on 1 contest between fan-favorite NBA players, or maybe they can redo the WNBA vs NBA players in a 3-point contest or feature other basketball skills in a contest setting.




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