Boys Varsity Water Polo Team Sinks Highlanders

Sadie Winterer, Editor in Chief

Birmingham Varsity Boys won 15-9 against rival school, Granada.

The Patriots began the game with an impressive run of four unanswered goals. The run included goals from Joseph Rivera and Jim Gillis, Birmingham’s main set player. Despite the goals, the quarter was filled with turnovers and steals coming from both teams. Guilles was simply unstoppable as he was making goals even with three defenders on him.

In the second quarter, Granada began to grow impatient and attempted some desperate shots from the pool’s halfway mark which they missed. The two teams continued to turn over the ball. Birmingham’s Rivera led the team in steals. Granada was called for two fouls this quarter and Patriot’s Gillis took advantage and scored twice. Granada continued to ¬†attempt shots at the goal but failed to score.

The third quarter was quite similar to the second. The Patriots continued to score and steal the ball. Other players got into the action and scored while steals were made by Carlos Fabian. Our goalie, Ilya Parkhomenko, had a sensational block in the quarter stopping a bullet like shot from Granada. The crowd went wild with amazement and surprise.

Granada scored their first shot of the game in the fourth and last quarter despite our Patriot’s good defense. Granada’s scoring run continued which forced a time out to be called by Coach Kezman. Our team got back in the game after the time out and scored. With the momentum back on Birmingham’s side, Gillis put in another two goals. Later in the quarter, Carlos Fabian scored a sensational corner shot which amazed the crowd. The game culminated with a final score of 15-9 and pushed our team to the playoffs. The patriots will play their first playoff game against Contreras High school on November 5th.