Down The Rabbit Hole

Maariyah Ford, Art &Entertainment

Once again we have had a great play this school semester,and  this time the play was Alice In Wonderland. As we all know, the story is about a girl name Alice who was with her sister and cat when she suddenly sees a white rabbit with a pocket watch running down a hole, so Alice decided to follow the rabbit down the hole, and went into wonderland and met the Mad Hatter, the caterpillar, the red queen, and friends. The play was very successful and earned over $7,000 over the five days it played.

The play contained some circus acts such as ariel dancing, hoop dancing, and the long chairs. Taylour Mills did a wonderful job playing Alice. I loved how the play had it’s jokes here and there and it was also great how the caterpillars asked Alice who she was since the whole point of Alice entering wonderland was to find out who she was. The students in play pro did an amazing job with the costumes and set design.

Students, staff, and parents can’t wait to see next semester’s play. Rumors has it that the next play is going to be Mulan. The upcoming production will be a chance for students, whether they’re in theatre class or not, to audition since the first semester play is only for the students in the theatre class. We are excited to see another great play produced by Birmingham’s theatre class taught by Mr.Weiss.