Why the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl


Jonathan Galdamez and Kai Evans

Super Bowl XLIX is near and it’s the game viewers have been waiting all season to watch. The Super Bowl will take place on Sunday, February 1, and  is reported to be one of the most watched super bowls in history. The teams facing against each other are the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Fans of both teams have been waiting years to see these two tough teams compete against each other. The last time these two teams faced off was October 14, 2012. Seattle won that game 24-23.

These two teams have been considered the best in the NFL during the season but the Seahawks are going to come out on top. The Seahawks are looking to win back-to-back championships, the last team to do that– Tom Brady and the Patriots in 2004 and 2005.

Here are 3 reasons the Seattle Seahawks will in the Super Bowl.

Dominating Offense

Seattle’s offense is a great combination of a pass and run game. Russell Wilson can throw the ball very accurately and he can hurt you on the ground.  He can compete at a very high level, especially against high caliber teams. Russell Wilson is 10-0 against Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. But this game does not only depend on Russell Wilson, the running game is key. The Seahawks were ranked number one in the regular season in rushing yards; Marshawn Lynch aka “beastmode” is one of the most dominant running backs in the game. Now take those two dominant forces, and add the read-option– New England’s defense will need to be extremely prepared to defend the run game from both Wilson and Lynch. You can expect that their offense will not come out like they did against the Packers. If they come out and establish a run game with Lynch and mix the read option, the play action game will open leading to a more dynamic and deadly offense.

Strong defense

Seattle has one of best defenses in the game. This season they ranked number one in total defense only allowing an average 267 yards a game, number one in passing defense allowing an average of 185 yards, and number 3 in rushing defense allowing an average of 81 yards per game. They have one of, if not the best, secondaries in the game– The Legion of Boom.  This Legion consists of shutdown corners Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell, and safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. You can’t leave out their great defensive ends Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril–who you can bet will put pressure on Brady.  The Seattle defense are quick and hard hitters. You can’t make many mistakes against this team, because if you do, they will make you pay.

 Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll has a 91-65 overall record. He is 83-61 in the regular season, and 8-4 in the post season. He is a great coach and knows a lot about winning. Before taking the head coaching position in Seattle, he was head coach for USC for 9 years and won 7 PAC-10 titles and 2 national championships. He has implemented a successful system in Seattle, a system that emphasizes teamwork. After the loss against Kansas City during the regular season, there followed an eight game winning streak to finish the season. Pete Carroll said, “How crucial it is to play for each other and how crucial it is to support the people on your team and how crucial it is to get out of yourself and give to the guys around you?” You can see how well the team plays in key moments in games, they are able to maintain composure and make the necessary big plays to win football games.  The Seahawks’ offense, defense and legendary head coach will result in back-to-back Super Bowl victories for Seattle.  Go Seahawks!