Lebron James Makes NBA History As All-Time Leading Scorer

Edgar Blackmon, Staff Writer

On February 8, 2023, Lebron James broke the NBA record for scoring which was initially held for over 40 years by Lakers legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar. James is a legendary player that has played on multiple teams, but he broke the record while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He made the Lakers very proud with his record-breaking skills and Lebron has definitely won over Laker fans with the efforts and dedication that he brings to the team. Lebron fans are definitely excited for the future since he broke the record as a man in his late 30s.

To understand how this story began, we have to go back in time and discuss Lebron’s origin as a little boy from Akron, Ohio who made it big. He began his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers where he played from 2003-2010. He then left for the Miami Heat where he played for four years from 2010 -2014.

He later went back to Cleveland where he played from 2014-2018. Lebron James then left the Cavaliers for the Lakers and he was coming from a city where he was very well-respected and loved. He won a championship there and added many achievements to his legacy in Cleveland. In Cleveland, he established that he was one of the best players of all time.

File:LeBron James Lakers.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Lebron is happy to see his teammates during the game. (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

On that memorable February 8, Lebron James played against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Lakers lost 133-130. Even though the Thunder won the game, Lebron fans won in spirit.

This record has long been expected to be broken by Lebron for quite a while. Lebron also had his entire family with him on this eventful evening. His son Bronny and his other son Bryce attended to see their father break the record. Bronny and Bryce are also upcoming hoopers and they attend top-tier high school Sierra Canyon, where they are honing their skills to join their father in the NBA. The record Lebron broke has made him the talk of the NBA and really important in the talk of who is the best of all time, the “goat.”

I asked two BCCHS students about the record being broken by Lebron James and to get their opinions about their feelings about his legacy. I interviewed Rey Bush(10) and he stated, “Lebron is the new Goat, and he is the best of all time–no one compares.”

Ethen Green(11) added that “Lebron is the best of all time and he is gonna go down as the all-time greatest scorer in the NBA and no one really compares to him.”

Laker legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Lebron may be the new goat of the NBA according to many fans of the NBA. The only “goat” comparison is with six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan.

Lebron’s legacy continues to get better and better over the years with his great talent and his will to keep going. Who knows what other records he can break in the future? Lebron and Laker fans should be very happy about this record-breaking success. Lebron is having one of the best seasons that he has had in his career.