Dear Delaney: Dating Advice

Dear Delaney: Dating Advice

Dear Delaney, I’m having trouble deciding where to take my date out. What is the best place I can take her out on a date? I want to take her to a place where both of us will be comfortable with each other and enjoy the time we’ll be spending together.

The best places to go on a date are definitely where the both of you can feel most comfortable. If it’s your first date, consider going somewhere that will sound appealing to you both. Making a good first impression on your date can be affected by where you choose to go and what you choose to do.

Here are some ideas:

  • Dinner Date – It would be an ideal and simple date because you’ll be able to find out what kind of food they like by which restaurant you choose to go to. You will also be able to find out what their interests are and their likes and dislikes over dinner. Don’t choose such an inexpensive restaurant because you might leave a bad first impression, nor should you choose an overly expensive restaurant because you need your next date to be even better than the last one. Choose a restaurant that shows you have good taste (and fits into your budget).
  • Movie –  There are some pros and cons about taking your date to the movies. The pro is being able to find out your date’s interests and enjoying a new movie you haven’t seen yet. It’s best to let your date choose the movie he/she wants to see because it will show that you are considerate and thoughtful. If you end up choosing the movie, consider choosing one that will be interesting to both of you. The con is not being able to really talk to your date until after the movie’s over.
  • Party – Taking your date to a party or any type of gathering could be fun and casual. It gives you a chance to enjoy yourselves and get to know each other better. Since other people you know will be there too, it’ll let him/her become closer to you by getting to know your friends and family.


Dear Delaney, what kind of gifts are appropriate to give on the first date or on any date at all? I was thinking of maybe a small teddy bear or something, but I really don’t know. I want to give my date a gift that she’ll really like because I’m afraid that if I give her a gift she won’t like, she’ll just fake a smile.

Giving gifts are a kind and unique gesture because they differ depending on who you’re giving the gift to.  The gift also varies on how much you really care and want to impress the person. On the first date, it would be wise to play it safe. Usually buying flowers and chocolate for a girl is a kind gesture, but it is also cliche. It would definitely be a good thing to remember that not everyone is the same and wouldn’t exactly appreciate just any kind of gift. It’s thoughtful to remember the little things about someone to be able to give them something they would fully treasure.


Dear Delaney, when someone asks you, “Do you want go to out with me?” or “Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?”, does it mean the same thing?

Not exactly… No, it doesn’t quite mean the same thing. Although, it really also depends on the person who’s asking. When you’re asking someone out, it really means that you want to take them somewhere out on a date. It could also mean that that person is asking you to be in a relationship with them. It truly varies and depends upon the one asking the question. But as for the phrase, “Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?”, it’s pretty self explanatory.


Dear Delaney, there’s this boy that I really like but I’m pressured by the fact that it would seem too forward if I ask him out first. I feel like I would scare him away, which of course I do not want to do.  So is it okay for a girl to ask out a boy on a date?

Yes! It’s definitely okay to ask a boy out on a date. Many girls are under the impression that they should wait until the boy makes the first move. Some boys might think it’s surprising if the girl asks them out first rather than waiting for them to do it. Many boys will find that when a girl comes up to them like that, it shows that the girl is unafraid and confident about herself.


Dear Delaney, I’ve seen so many romance movies and I’ve always wondered: Why can’t they happen in real life?

The reason why life isn’t like a romance movie is because life isn’t meant to be a fairy tale.  When you fall in love with someone, no one said that it was going to be easy nor was it going to be perfect. Loving someone comes with pain, sorrow, and so much more… It makes you wonder why does love make you feel that way. But it also comes with the happiness, overwhelming feelings of unexplainable joy, the feeling of having someone to be by your side through good and bad times. In movies, everything is scripted to be a certain way. Life isn’t like that. Along the way you’ll find yourself in all these crazy situations, sometimes good and sometimes bad. In life, there are so many different outcomes that are possible. There is no such thing as a “perfect love” but there is a love that endures because love conquers all.

Good luck!