Varsity Baseball Game Against Oak Park


Adrian Rodriguez(9) steps up to the plate to bat against Oak Park

Jack Freeman, Staff Reporter

Birmingham Varsity Baseball had their second game of the season against Oak Park on March 4, 2015. It was a very close game, but Birmingham came out victorious with a 3-2 win. Both teams played very well, but Birmingham played better and pulled out the victory.

Oak Park started out promising with a base hit on their first at bat. Later in the inning, Oak Park got a base hit which got an RBI and they took the lead at 1-0. Birmingham did not start out strong in the inning having their first 3 at bats result in 3 outs. However, that changed in the second inning when Birmingham came alive. Catcher Ryan Mendoza got the first point on the board with a base hit RBI which tied the game 1-1. Short after that, Edgar Revis got a base hit that drove in 2 RBI’s giving Birmingham a 3-1 lead.

Oak Park knew they needed to get something going after falling behind and they showed it. In the third inning, one of their batters hit a double that gave them an RBI changing the score to 3-2. Birmingham did not put up a fight in that inning when their first 3 at bats once again resulted in 3 outs. After that inning, Birmingham played very well defensively for the rest of the game. Pitcher Jonathan Russomanno pitched very well for six innings that resulted in no runs scored by Oak Park after the 3rd inning. Oak Park could not get anything going from the 5th to the 7th inning which caused them to go three up and three down in each inning. Eddie Rosales closed out the game pitching in the 7th inning and he did very well getting 3 outs against the first three players he pitched against. The final score was 3-2 Birmingham and their record is now 1-1. Go Patriots!