Better Flavor, Better Service at Lunch


Fresh smoothies that are served at breakfast.

Jack Freeman, Staff Reporter

The school food here at BCCHS is very good due to Mr. Skelly who is in charge of all the school cafeteria food. Mr. Skelly also does something else besides being in charge of all the school lunch and breakfast food. He runs an Instagram account for the school and also caters school events.

Mr. Skelly is going to have the weekly cafeteria menu posted on our website at  He also posts photos on the school Instagram of the fresh food being cooked. He also put photos of the new smoothies that are being sold at breakfast and that generated a lot of students going to breakfast and buying the smoothies. The Instagram account that posts photos of the cafeteria food is chartwells_bcchs

Mr. Skelly also has a catering business that caters school events. He first started catering school events on July 1st, 2014 and the first event he catered was a Leadership event.  He also caters any type of food that is requested by organizations.  An example of foods he’s catered includes vegetarian, BBQ, Italian, and breakfast. The catering that Mr. Skelly does is available 7 days a week. Mr. Skelly decided to start catering school events because he wants students to be able to experience different types of foods. His catering service does not cater non school events.