Blank Meridian


Writing has often been regarded as an unique form of communication, where the brain’s imagination and creativity work together to create wonders. All of this can be found in this year’s creative writing book, Blank Meridian. The book consists of work entirely done by Mr. Kim and Mr. Nino’s Creative Writing students.  Blank Meridian contains mainly poems and short stories, but also includes some artwork and color photography also submitted by students. The main theme of the book revolves around space, with each chapter representing a different planet in the Solar System. Each chapter and entry in the book has a certain individuality, showcasing how each author views the world. Their perspectives coincide with each chapter, evoking dramatic, personal, and truly raw themes.

Blank Meridian is divided into eight different sections, each section pertaining to a different planet. In fact, a chapter’s overall core theme is associated with the type of planet it represents. The book is approximately 110 pages of poems and short stories, and another 20 pages for artwork and photography. The front cover is bright and colorful, whereas the contrasting back cover represents the dark side of the sky. Blank Meridian really encapsulates the space theme both aesthetically and figuratively. Some notable entries include: “She Wrecks Havoc on My Life” by Stephanie Perez and “Falling Down in Bangkok” by Trey Holten.

If you needed inspiration to buy the book, Mr. Kim gives his views: “Writing comes from silence, oppression, and shame which all create pressure that ultimately creates really good writing. We have so many voices that are silenced and suppressed and they’re really terrified to have those voices come out. I think the book is that voice and defiance against that shame. I think this community needs that–to be able to have that voice come out.” He continued on to say, “Not even buying the book, but the fact that it exists is a gift and people need to share that.”

Carina Muñoz, one of the chief editors replied, “Writing is really about bringing a community together. It’s important to write about the diversity of our communities and that allows us to help and coexist in this world that we live in.” Muñoz continued on to say, “When you write, it’s not about the story–it’s about what the reader takes away after they read the story. It’s about how they feel about something, learn something new, and even to change something.” Another chief editor, Ellyanne Navas explained, “We take these stories we create and showcase them from our own perspectives. Writing should always be about change.”

If anyone is a fan of creative writing, Blank Meridian is a must have. You can purchase the book for ten dollars in either Mr. Kim’s room, 403 or in Mr. Nino’s room C92.