BCCHS Varsity Football Recap


Erika Roque

The Patriots defense swarms to stop the Eagles’ rushing attack

Jack Freeman, Sports Editor

The BCCHS Varsity Football Team played multiple tough teams in the preseason and have a 2-2 record so far. This record isn’t good or bad, but it shows that the Patriots need to improve during the regular season in order to make playoffs. The Patriots have struggled on offense and have struggled immensely on defense.

The Patriots started off strong at their first home game and first game of the season with a 22-20 victory against Newbury Park giving them a 1-0 start to the season. The team’s offense and defense both played well throughout the game with the offense scoring three touchdowns and the defense holding them to 20 points and also getting an interception. The following week the Patriots faced Notre Dame for their first away game and suffered a crushing 42-6 loss bringing their record to 1-1. The offense was shut down throughout three quarters, but finally got a scoring drive in the 4th quarter and scored a touchdown. The Patriot defense was dominated throughout three quarters but shut down Notre Dame’s offense in the 4th quarter allowing no points to be scored. BCCHS didn’t have a very strong offense or defense through three quarters, but something must have clicked in the 4th quarter because both the offense and defense played well.

The team knew they needed to bounce back after the loss to Notre Dame and they did bounce back against Canoga Park the following week with a 21-14 victory giving them a record of 2-1. The Patriots’ offense demonstrated their strength by scoring three touchdowns. The defense also showed their strength by only giving up two touchdowns throughout the game. The Patriots tried to carry the momentum into the following week at the game against Chaminade, but were unable to stop the Eagles and suffered a 46-6 loss giving them a 2-2 record. The Patriots struggled to gain points throughout three quarters but managed to score a touchdown in the 4th quarter. Chaminade’s offense dominated through three quarters, but were slowed down in the 4th quarter by the Patriot’s defense only allowing a field goal.

The BCCHS football team has a very big game coming up this Friday against Oaks Christian. This is an important game because it’s the last preseason game of the season and it’s the first home game since the beginning of the season. This game will also decide whether the Patriots finish the preseason with a winning record or a losing record. The Patriots faced a tough team the first game, but being at home helped them to victory due to the loud student section cheering them on the whole game. This student section will once again be there this Friday to cheer the team on to a much-needed victory. In order to win this game, the offense and defense need to start off strong from the beginning of the game. Lately, the Patriots haven’t started to do well until late into the game and that will not work well because Oaks Christian is a very good team averaging around 40 points per game.