Meet Hector Murillo, Our Next 2016-2017 ASB President


Katherine Oyebobola

Hector Murillo

Hadaasa Nae, Staff Reporter

Patriots, get ready to meet your new ASB Student Body President for the 2016-2017 year: Hector Murillo! For his upcoming term, Murillo looks forward to changing the culture and improving the life of students here at Birmingham. During his campaign, Murillo revealed that being a people person and knowing all types of people helped him. Professionalism and supporters helped a lot too.

Elections took place on March 16. For his campaign, Murillo chose to use eye-catching materials. He is famous for his dog flyers. In order to attract freshman, Murillo used some great tactics. He stated, “I got vocal, talked to them, and put most posters in the freshman hall. Freshmen supporters helped a lot.” Go freshmen! When asked what inspired him to run for president, Murillo shared, “It started off how little things became big. For instance, I heard the complaints about the school and I wanted to do something about it, put in my ideas.” Murillo recalls his victory to be pretty wild. “I was in AP U.S. History with friends, and there was a massive 3-5 second pause. The moment I found out, my friends tackled me onto a table and nearly broke it.” True friends, indeed. Murillo describes himself as humble and a hard worker. He is also determined and one who tries to hear the voices of those who are rarely heard.

He also shared his thoughts about his future goals and potential.  “I always envision myself doing something in an office. I believe in allowing underdogs a chance.” Murillo’s schedule is rather constant and routine. “Get up, brush teeth, do hair, clothes laid up the day before, take the bus, deal with 4 AP classes, and perhaps stay after school to eat or do homework, go home and eat again.” Murillo is part of the CAL Academy and has a 4.39 weighted GPA. This past year Murillo joined clubs like Circle Of Friends, Hope on the Move, and Junior Council. Murillo plans to go to UC Berkeley, double major, and earn a master’s degree.

For his senior year, Murillo plans on tackling his classes, enjoying everybody’s presence, and attending all school events. Murillo says that he expects the hardest thing about being student body president to be is “changing the mindset of certain students and trying to change the culture of the school.” Being the new student body president, Murillo was asked if he is nervous about his upcoming term. Murillo answered,”I’m more excited, actually, because I was more nervous not knowing if I had won or not.” For this year, Murillo stated that,“You can expect a good spirit week and a nice welcome back ceremony.” As for any malfunctions during school events, Murillo assures,“No panicking, handle them one step at a time, be composed, and have a plan B.” Murillo’s main goal for this year is, “to have a successful presidency.”

Hector also shared some thoughtful words for the entire student body. “I wouldn’t be here without you. I can’t say thank you enough for everyone who has supported me. A lot of love to the people who got me here today.” Lastly, a few final words from our next student body president, “Let’s get ready for a great 2016-2017. Let’s be the school that everybody else admires. Let’s learn to teach unity among all of us.” Murillo is ready to represent Birmingham and all the responsibilities that come along with it. Be prepared for a great year Patriots!