Hello Chartwells, Goodbye Crossroads Cafe


Kai Evans, Staff Reporter

As the start of the new school year approached, students were shocked to find out that the cafeteria lunches would be new and improved. BCCHS is now affiliated with Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services. This new program is partnered with over 20 colleges and ensures on their website “high quality, great tasting meals”. We asked head chef, Jose Gonzales, about the new food options and about who first proposed the idea for the new program. He responded, “Mr. Parks”. It turns out Mr. Parks and leadership tried out the food a week prior to school starting to make sure the new food tasted great!

Have you ever wondered who makes up these recipes for lunch? The new lunch recipes are created by Chartwells’ Corporate office.

One important question was whether the new lunches were pre-prepared or made fresh daily. Gonzales’ reply was “they are prepared fresh daily.” He also commented on the major differences between this year and last year’s lunch food, which currently includes more vegetables, healthier cooking methods, and they also help accommodate those with allergies. The new upgraded food system seems to have the endorsement from Birmingham students as lines reach around the corner!