How to Get Your Potential BAE


Falling in Love is the Cutest Thing

Geovanni Gomez, Staff Writer

Many guys try and try, but can’t get the attention of their crush. There are two possibilities in this scenario: one, it might be that the person simply isn’t attracted to you and he or she is trying to keep a distance from you; or two, you theoretically have no “game.” If there is no so-called “chemistry,” then you should move on because you shouldn’t have to convince someone to like you back—and if you, by some miracle do so, the relationship still won’t work. If you don’t have “game,” well then, there’s room for improvement.

Before you actually start talking to your potential beau, there are some things to consider. You need to have confidence. Confidence is found to be an attractive trait to almost everyone. To improve your confidence, many dating sites suggest simply talking to the young lad/lady—be more social. After confidence, your appearance, not surprisingly enough, is also something of extreme importance. Now this doesn’t mean you need buy expensive clothes or be a fashionista, but it is recommended to just establish your style and feel good about it. Also, part of your appearance includes your cleanliness, or hygiene—i.e., decent smelling hair and no body odor. Being in good shape also increases your physical appearance because, well, you look good and, in a way, it shows commitment. But your physique isn’t everything.
An example of a couple laughing and playing together.

Humor is something that many females love. If you’re funny, than a conversation with your crush may go a lot smoother. Humor opens many doors to conversation. Some jokes may include some pick-up lines or just some classic jokes. These are easy ways to get your crush’s attention.  Girls love to laugh. If you fail to make them laugh, do not worry, you still may have a chance. Humor is important but flirting is also extremely important.
As seen in the photo, the guy is using eye contact and seems to be using humor while talking to his potential BAE.

Flirting plays a great role in establishing a relationship with your crush. Flirting should be fun and not scary—make it natural conversation. Social anthropologist Jean Smith created six simple steps to flirting called H.O.T A.P.E: humor, open body language, touch, attention, proximity, and eye contact. She has studied many people and claims that those six steps make flirting into a fun and enjoyable game. Smith claims that humor makes conversation extremely easy and helps you connect with your crush. Open body language helps show the that you care about them, so don’t have your hands in pockets or have your arms crossed—posture is key. Touch simply involves a simple hand to the shoulder or even a handshake, but be respectful about the person’s space. Also, show the person that you’re interested by giving him/her your undivided attention; show them that you actually care. Furthermore, proximity involves making an effort to get closer to your crush. For example, if he or she is across the room, make your way towards him or her, but, once again, be mindful and respectful. Lastly, eye contact shows that you truly care about him/her which helps your case. Eye contact shows that you’re giving them your full attention, which they love. Each step is as important as the next.

Remember, just like with almost anything else, these skills need practice to develop and refine. Just a hint, a gain in confidence will help master these skills more quickly. However, if worse comes to worst, keep in mind that you are bound to face rejection sometimes, but that doesn’t mean your love life is, or should be, over. You have to stay hopeful and and don’t try too hard. So don’t get discouraged and keep your head up because, sometimes, the best things in life come when you least expect them.