The Sunny Abyss

The Sunny Abyss

Jackie Mitchell, Student Writer

Don’t splash, the sun will set

Disappearing into the dark abyss

Until no light can be shined

Play dead to live


Aroma of dense salt burns my throat

Foamy white waves crash onto me

Drowned by sunlight

The burn of hard work rips through my ligaments

My kicks speed up for the next wave

Soft slickness caresses me

The touch of death sets fire


Flames raging, water turns into gasoline

Burning away at ever fiber of my being

Get out of there!

The piercing scream cannot break glass

Petrification in an instant

Get out of there!


Vocal cords harden like cement

My ears fill with a million grains of sand

Heart implodes into tiny grains of red dust

The dorsal fin leaps from the water

The splash of icy water breaks me free


The click of the dolphin echoes

Relief and the next wave crash onto me

Salty tears and a soft cry is let free