BCCHS Men’s Golf Led by Experienced Seniors



The 2017 Men’s Golf Team with Coach Kelly

Denise Reynoso and Hadaasa Nae

The Men’s Golf Team of Birmingham Community Charter High School has been successful this year with their unstoppable players who have been on the team for all four years. Top players Christian Lingamen, Jacob Merilo, and Jess Rodriguez are all seniors who are ready to conquer their last journey on the course together.

Christian Lingamen (12)

Before any game, the boys try to stay optimistic. Rodriguez stated, “I don’t think about it [winning] much, I just think about what’s going to happen next.” Rodriguez’s optimism is very inspiring to other players, especially the younger players. Merilo, on the other hand, has a different method. He stated that he gets “pumped up’’ by listening to his playlist and being upbeat. Merilo uses positive music to get into his flow, music to make his attitude positive and that allows him to stay positive and not be negative. Lingamen also mentioned having “positive thoughts to influence my game.”

Jacob Merilo (12) Forming a good shot

The boys acknowledge that golf has improved their lifestyle. Merilo expressed, “I am lot more mature now, and honestly playing golf helps me learn good mannerisms.” Lingamen added, “Golf teaches you discipline.” All the boys explained that golf does teach mannerisms, discipline and integrity, and this shows how positive golf can be for students.
Mr. Kevin Kelly, the head coach of both the men and women’s golf teams, stated how he feels about this season. “It has been a good season so far. We have an experienced team and hope to do well in the most difficult division.” He added that, “Currently, we are 2 and 0.” Their season has just started, so it is understandable for them to be winning 2 and 0. The team has a close-knit bond and they are just like brothers.

Jess Rodriguez (12)

Kelly also had some words to say about his top team members. “My top players are committed to being the best players in the city and work hard to achieve that goal.” Kelly continued with, “I will feel both sad and happy when my seniors graduate. I am happy, because they have great futures ahead of them and I am sad because we have been together for four years and I will miss them.” Mr. Kelly feels and knows that the outlook of the future for his top players, the seniors, is a extremely positive one.
The veterans leaving this year will be deeply missed, however, this creates opportunities to be a part of the Birmingham sport’s family. If you are looking to join something new and you arewilling to learn discipline and values in a sport, as well as making new friends, then the men’s golf team would be a great place to start.

Merilo & Lingamen fooling around in between matches Photo by: Yearbook