Keeping Our Campus Clean and Green!


Stacey Sandoval, Staff Writer

Food wrappers and milk cartons left behind after lunch by the stage
Trash left on of the blue tables near E hall

Often times, walking across our school campus after lunch, one can see lots of trash thrown everywhere but the trash cans–just like in our bathrooms, but that’s not the point. Birmingham students are thinking that since the school provides custodians working during school hours, they do not have to pick up after themselves.

The cafeteria isn’t the big problem as it is mostly clean but the issue is the trash that is thrown everywhere on and under the blue tables in the hallways, grass areas, and stage area. This doesn’t give our campus a presentable look for future incoming students and their parents.

Students at Birmingham almost seem to have no manners and not know the difference between what’s right or what’s wrong. This is because how some of them act with their trash. The students who act in a civilized manner often ask themselves “who raised them!?”

In my opinion, the students who are leaving their trash everywhere should be more responsible to pick up after themselves because other people have other things that they need to get done and don’t have the time for it.

As students of BCCHS, we should all take care of our campus because the school provides a lot for us like free internet, lots of athletics for both boys and girls and many fun activities which can also help students make new friends. We’ve got a beautiful big campus which a lot of schools don’t have, so we should all appreciate it and feel some empathy for our school janitors who work hard every day on this big campus to keep it as clean as it can be.

Everyone should encourage each other for a green atmosphere, not only in our school but in the outside community as well. We should all support our janitors to keep our school campus clean by not throwing our trash everywhere. We should pick up any piles of trash we see and even participating in community service can help a lot.

We all hear about school administrators telling students to pick up their trash and see many signs about it but people hardly enforce the rule and that is the problem. I mean we get it and we know everyone has their own personal life at home–personal problems, jobs, etc., but it’s not rocket science to follow the rules either.

Teachers as well should keep their classroom neat and organized because nobody likes a dirty classroom! It isn’t our job to keep the school clean, I know, but its just a matter of kindness and it is what you’re supposed to do anywhere that you are because I’m sure parents would not want their house to look as dirty as this campus!