Girl’s Golf Wrap-up

Deli Chanta, Staff Reporter

The 2014 -2015 BCCHS Women’s Golf Team finished their season on a great note as they swung their clubs to a second place league title. ” This year’s golf team is the biggest team we’ve had , ” says golf coach Mr. Kelly . The team this year consists of 11 girls, most of whom are beginners with the exception of two of them, one of whom attends Daniel Pearl Magnet High School.

There were 8 matches in the season including city finals. When asked about how it feels to be on the team, senior Alondra Torres  said ” It’s my first year being in golf and I love it!  It’s not as easy as it  looks and I have made new friends.”  She also said that “everyone gets along and we all try our best all the time.” In addition she said her goal this year was to get better at golf. Practices took place 3 times a week with each practice focusing on a different skill required to be successful in the sport. The girls shared memorable moments and truly bonded as teammates as well as friends. They even referred to themselves as the “golf sisters”.

When asked about what his goal was for the season, coach Kelly said “my goal is to expose girls to golf.” The girls did just that and more as they came up winning second place. They had an outstanding season which they are proud of. Six of the girls will be graduating next year which will leave lots of room in the roster for next year’s season. Coach Kelly will coach the boys golf team next year and is looking forward to the start of the Boy’s Season. Goodluck to the Boys!