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Adelina Monique Alcaraz, Staff Writer

Adelina is currently a 15-year-old sophomore who attends Birmingham. This is really her first year on campus because her whole freshman year was spent in the comfort of her bedroom and behind a computer screen. Basically, this is Adelina's real "first-year" at Birmingham. Adelina has been experiencing her first years of high school in the middle of a pandemic, which pretty much sucks. She hasn't got to really experience high school besides going to class but hopefully, she will in these next 3 years.

Adelina lives with her grandparents, mom, older brother Steven, and her dog Cody. She is a very family-oriented person. She loves being with family as much as possible. Adelina and her family enjoy going to Dodger games, the movies, the mall, to the dog park, and to the beach together. Her dog, Cody, goes everywhere with her. They go to the mall together, on hikes, to the market, out to eat, on car rides, to the beach, and of course to the dog park.

She spends most of her week with her best friend Jully. They have been best friends since the 7th grade. They also do basically everything together, and their dogs are also best friends. They spend holidays together and love going on trips together. Jully goes to Adelina's house every day after school or wherever Adelina goes. They are basically family. Adelina is older so she is like Jully's big sister and is very protective over Jully. They call themselves Thing 1 and Thing 2, Adelina being 1 and Jully being 2.

Adelina wants to attend USC after she graduates high school and wants to major in human psychology. Her dream job is to be a surgeon, specifically a neurosurgeon. She is very fascinated in everything medical-wise, basically psychology and mental health. She is currently taking Pre-Med Science as her CTE pathway and is taking a college class called health occupation. She loves to volunteer at medical offices and/or hospitals.

Adelina is pretty excited for these next few years of high school and her future which isn't too far away. She is enjoying her teenage years while she can and isn't taking anything for granted. She is an extroverted person so she is very social and is ready to start her journey in high school. However, she definitely knows everything can change in the blink of an eye so she is prepared for anything that comes her way.

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Adelina Monique Alcaraz