Summer Employment for BCCHS Students Can Be an Enriching Experience

Emely Urrutia, Staff Writer

Getting a summer job might be something that you should contemplate if you want to start saving money for college, buying a car by the time you have a license, and other things like senior activities at BCCHS. One of the perks of having a summer job is that you have your own money to spend on whatever you please.

Many jobs give students an opportunity to gain experience in the work field. This is important because many jobs in the future will most likely choose the candidate who is the most experienced, has demonstrated responsibility, and is mature enough to work for them. 

Job Flyer (image: public domain clipart)

If you’re wondering how do I get a job as a teen with no experience? There are many ways to find jobs, but the most accessible way is to apply online. The company Indeed is one of the many ways that can help your journey toward getting a job. All you have to do is go to your search engine and put “Jobs for teens” in the search bar, and then you’ll get multiple results. 

Before you do this, I recommend making an account with your phone or email, creating a resume, and applying to the jobs you choose. Another way to search for jobs is of course through apps.

Indeed is an app that has different job requirements, and the requirements vary for each job. For example, in the search bar on Indeed, you can put “Summer jobs for teens,” which allows you to search for jobs accepting teens. This section of the app also allows you to customize it to show you part-time jobs, full-time jobs, what experience requirements the jobs require, and more.

Although, using these apps and applying might be easy, waiting for a call back from a job is a bit harder. Everyone who is looking for the same job as you is trying to stand out, but one excellent tip to stand out from everyone else is your resume.

A resume requires contact information, dates and hours highlighting when you can work, past job experience, and any volunteer work. After you list these things, you make yourself stand out. You can further do this by being direct and eager, highlighting your skills, and making your resume visually appealing. There are also free templates online you can use to start your resume. 

In conclusion, getting a summer job is beneficial because it helps you get ready for the future. instead of preparing for everything like important state tests, finals, and This job can help you save up for a car or college, and allow you to go at your own pace to gain skills like confidence, time management, and networking. This is especially true when you don’t have many responsibilities during the summer and you can relax while making money.