Fort Myers and Florida Are Still Recovering from the Hurricane Ian Aftermath

Joseph Mata, Staff Writer

On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian greatly impacted Florida as it came ashore as a category 4 hurricane that caused significant destruction and left many people without homes.

Days before Hurricane Ian made landfall, residents from Florida went into panic mode as most of us would. Fully stocked stores with water, flashlights, first aid kits, and many other items you would need to use for a massive hurricane were all gone after the news of the approaching hurricane broke out.

People in Florida had found out there was a hurricane coming and then on Wednesday, September 28, at 3:05 p.m., Hurricane Ian made landfall in Fort Myers, Florida. Residents of Fort Myers were prepared with supplies and boarded-up houses covering their windows and doors and openings to the house.

Some residents were evacuated but that didn’t stop Ian. Ian made landfall and completely ruined or destroyed parts of Fort Myers. Homeowners were devastated and the whole city of Fort Myers was in shock knowing that so many places experienced massive destruction.

There were 14 total deaths in Fort Myers attributed to the hurricane, with the ages ranging from 40-80.  Another city heavily damaged by Hurricane Ian was Naples, Florida.

The town was mostly underwater with many residents going to the second floor of their houses to stay safe. Heavy rain followed with winds reaching up to 150 miles per hour causing major destruction. The Red Cross went out to help people that were stuck and affected by Ian. 

In total, Ian killed 109 people in 19 Florida counties–making it one of the deadliest storms in recent American history.