Sofia Lemus
Sofia Lemus is a junior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. This is her second year at Birmingham. She spent her freshman year at Reseda High School and decided to move to Birmingham after her sister graduated. When Sofia is older, she would like to become a nurse. UCLA is her dream school because it has a really good nursing program.

She is very determined to get the grades she needs in order to get into the college she wants. Her best subject in school is English because she enjoys writing. She is currently also in her first year doing ASB but is also waiting for club rush to see what other clubs she would like to join. Sofia is hoping that the clubs she joins will look good on her college applications and also give her fun memories. She looks forward to becoming more involved at BCCHS and to go to events at school that she has not gone to in prior years.

Sofia has three siblings and lives with her mom and her dad. She has an older sister, a younger sister, and a little brother who she also lives with. She is very close with her older sister and enjoys spending time with her family. She also has two dogs. Their names are Rambo and Ned. Rambo is a Pitt bull and Ned is a Pug. She has fun walking them around her neighborhood. She is nice, easy going, and a hard-working person.

Sofia is very outgoing and enjoys meeting new people and making friends. One of her favorite things to do is draw, which is something she has been doing since she was 11 years old. She also enjoys it because it allows her to express herself creatively, which is also one of the reasons she likes to write. Sofia is a very active person and enjoys walking her dogs with her older sister. She loves to listen to music and listens to a multitude of genres. She looks forward to the rest of high school here at BCCHS.


Sofia Lemus, Student Life Editor

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Sofia Lemus