Spiderman Leaving the MCU? It’s Still Unclear


Spiderman staying or going?

Elliott Contreras, Staff Writer

Shocking news has struck the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU), with Sony having decided to take Spiderman out of the Marvel cinematic universe. Sony and Disney had disagreements on the future of Spiderman. Spiderman, played by Tom Holland, has made many successful movies with Marvel. The first Spiderman movie that came out in the MCU was Captain America Civil War. Holland has been in a total of five Spiderman movies but could this be the end of Tom Holland playing Spiderman?

Spiderman looking over London.
Spiderman leaving Marvel Studios.

On August 24, Sony and Disney tried to find a way to make a deal that involved Spiderman staying in the MCU, and if they didn’t find a deal soon, then he would be leaving the MCU soon.

Tom Holland had signed to make two more Spiderman movies with Sony, so hopefully we will get new Spiderman movies. Or there should be one with the contract that Tom Holland has in place. Since money is the primary problem, this could put the masked vigilante into production danger.

Many people are disappointed with this. When people heard the news, they were upset and many actors from the Avengers wanted to bring back Spiderman. This could be awhile because Disney and Sony won’t agree on a deal. Sony doesn’t find 50/50 an even deal. The most recent movie, Spiderman: Far from Home, could be one of the last movies that Tom Holland is in. Until then, it seems like Spiderman will have to wait before defeating more bad guys.

Tom Holland in the Spiderman suit.