Disney+ Is Worth the Extra Cost


Disney+ logo surrouned by it orignal content.

Nathalie Ceja Gomez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The magic of Disney has played a part in many people’s childhoods with their classic movies and cheesy kids TV shows that gives nostalgia. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was possible to relive your childhood just with a simple re-watch? Well, Disney has your back.

Photo from the announcement of Disney+.

On November 20, 2019, Disney released a streaming service called Disney+. Although Disney+ had some technical difficulties on the day it launched, it now has over 10 million subscribers. The service, only costing 6.99 dollars a month or 70 dollars per year, is very affordable for the amount of content it has. With Disney+, an abundance of content that people haven’t had in years is now available in categories such as the comically named “out of the vault” with movies like Peter Pan and Bambi. Also, the Disney Channel TV has shows that had a big impact on people when they were younger like Hannah Montana, Sweet Life of Zack and Cody, and Wizards of Waverly Place, which are now available.

Other popular properties owned by Disney are: Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and even National Geographic. While previously released movies and TV shows are on the streaming service, Disney+ is also making its own original content.

Baby Yoda, the internet’s favorite new character.

The Mandalorian is the most popular original series on the service; in fact, one of their characters, Baby Yoda, has already become a viral sensation. The series takes place in the Star Wars universe, if it wasn’t already obvious by the mentioning of the name Yoda, and before the events The Return of the Jedi. It has not only received good critic ratings, but also good fan reviews. 

Though the format of the streaming service is similar to Netflix and other streaming services, Disney+ is much more family-oriented with exclusive content. Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video have context directed at adults with nudity and profanity, while also having content for children.

The Disney+ home page.

Compared to these streaming services, Disney+ has more kid-friendly content with little to no profanity and no nudity. In addition, The Walt Disney Company has pulled most of its properties’ content out of other streaming services. This left Disney+ as the only place to watch them.

All this leads to the question, “Is Disney+ worth spending the extra money on for yet another streaming service?” The cost of all the different services eventually adds up, which makes it difficult to have them all. In my personal opinion, Disney+ is a great way to watch all things Disney, both new and old. It is a good streaming service for Disney lovers especially families with kids and people looking to relive the magic of Disney. Although, if you are not that interested in Disney properties, there is not much here for you.