Warner Bros. Delays Release of The Batman Until 2022


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Destiney Crumpton, Student Life Editor

Warner Bros. announced that The Batman will now be released on March 4, 2022. This hasn’t been the only movie that has been set back as many other Warner Bros. movies are now being pushed back to sometime between 2021 and 2022.

If no more interruptions occur, this timeline should flow naturally as more and more people return to the theaters in a vaccinated, post Covid-19 world. One major toss back was that the main star of The Batman, Robert Pattinson, caused a filming delay after he tested positive for Covid-19.

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That’s a very big push back in production for this big-budgeted movie. Not only that but because of quarantine, they can’t film movies as they are usually done right now. This is very difficult especially if there’s a large production team and everyone has to either stay 6 feet apart or be very cautious of everyone and everything. With the theaters being shut down as well, it would have made it more difficult for people to see this movie if it was going to be released this year, as originally planned.

We are all hoping this movie gets made and released but it’ll be a little bit longer for this movie and a lot of other Warner Bros. movies as well. Now we have to wait a full year to see this movie.

Hopefully, no more Warner Bros. movies will be needed to be pushed back anymore. (or lose money because of 2020)

We will get to see a lot of superhero movies in 2021-2022. But for now, DC fans, don’t lose faith or hope in this movie or any other Warner Bros. films that had to be pushed back. Warner Bros. has never failed to make a good film. Just got to wait and it’ll find its way for people to enjoy and watch, even if it takes a little bit longer to make–based on the circumstances this year.

This year hasn’t been an easy fix, but everyone is trying their best.