Youtube Growing Sensation ‘CORPSE’ Takes Social Media by Storm!

Corpses YouTube icon

Corpse’s YouTube icon

Emely Contreras, Arts and Entertainment Editor

There are a bunch of uprising creators on the internet as of right now, their main audience being teenagers. It’s hard to imagine the power that a particular faceless creator holds amongst every other creator online.

That’s right folks, the lovable ‘CORPSE’ has resurfaced online. With the crazy amount of popularity he has gained after making an appearance on a live stream game of Among Us with fellow creators Pewdiepie, Sykunno, Jacksepticeye, etc, ‘CORPSE’ has become the talk of the online world.

But before we unwrap all that he has done over the last few months, let’s get to know more about the infamous faceless creator.

Corpse’s appearance on Anthony Padilla’s YouTube interview

Who is Corpse? 

‘Corpse’ or also known as Corpse_Husband, began to anonymously upload videos of himself telling scary stories to YouTube in 2015. He is also known for being apart of a YouTube channel called ‘Horror Narration’ with many other creators. For those who have followed the creator for a long time, know that he also had some popularity in 2016 for his Creepypasta videos. Corpse was inspired by MrCreepyPasta, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, and Cryatoic for his horror related content.


Corpse refuses to reveal his true identity, and as much as his fans are dying to know what he looks like, Corpse has only teased his following by posting several photos of his hand and a single strand of hair. On March 30, 2020, Corpse was featured in an interview in which he was asked why he continues to hide his identity. Corpse_Husband told Anthony Padilla, who’s also a famous YouTuber, “It’s opening that door and having all the build-up from millions of people now all at once. So it would be a dramatic life change for me.” There are no photos of Corpse online, or so he claims.  Corpse was allegedly born on August 8, 1993, and he is also allegedly from San Diego.  No one can really be sure about his mysterious origins.

Corpse’s voice craze

There’s no question that Corpse’s voice has drawn most of the attention that he’s currently receiving right now. Yet there’s a sad reality to Corpse’s deep voice, as he actually has a health condition called ”GERD” (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). Corpse has dealt with his deep voice since he was 12 years old. This disease is a long term, persistent occurrence of gastroesophageal reflux. Stomach acid flows up consistently into the esophagus and the stomach acid can irritate the vocal cords. throat, and esophagus. Over time, the stomach acid is able to change one’s voice, either deeper or raspier than normal. But as fans have mentioned, this condition isn’t the only cause for his tone of voice–he just also has a naturally deep voice. Luckily, it seems like this condition hasn’t discouraged Corpse from making content over the years.

AOC meeting Corpse for the first time through the game Among Us.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the steam-converted mobile game Among Us has become the most popular game in 2020. Especially when big-name creators play it live, but imagine getting the chance to play with a young U.S. Congressional representative? Corpse had the opportunity to play Among Us with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

She is a 31-year-old American politician who has been serving New York’s 14th congressional district since 2019. She achieved what other politicians only dream of doing–acting normal. She played Among Us with fellow YouTuber’s Corpse, Toast, Valkyrae, Poki, etc. This live stream of the game gained over 400,000 views and had many people talking about AOC, and of course, Corpse.

Before I forget, if you’re interested in spooky content and of course Among Us gameplay,  please check out and subscribe to Corpse’s YouTube channel 🙂