Halloween Kills Delivers Creative and Graphic Gore

America Angeles, Staff Writer

Halloween Kills released in theaters on October 15 and on the streaming service Peacock for everyone to watch. This movie is a very controversial one in the Halloween fandom. Many liked it and many hated it. If I were to give my thoughts on it, I would say it’s somewhere in the middle. I believe it isn’t great, but it isn’t horrible either.

I’ll start with what I thought the pros of the film were. Instantly and I know all fans would agree, the kills were great. If you’re into gore and graphic kills then you probably loved this movie. The effects team did a great job on coming up with very creative kills for The Shape. Another pro is the flashback scenes. Seeing Dr. Loomis again was a very nice thing and I’m sure all Halloween fans loved it. The score for the movie was great as well. Once again, John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies delivered a great score for the Halloween franchise. They also all worked together on Halloween (2018) and that score was great as well.

Menacing shot of Michael Myers from Halloween Kills

One of the biggest cons of Halloween Kills were the hospital scenes. They dragged on way too long and felt unnecessary. Laurie Strode was also sidelined for this movie and it makes sense considering she was seriously injured by Michael. The movie gave the fans false hope when she injected herself with drugs, making it seem like she was going to confront Michael and kill him. She got hurt again and opened the stitching that she had received.

The movie honestly felt like a setup for the third and final movie of the franchise, Halloween Ends. Although that’s not a bad thing, it’s still pretty disappointing. To sum things up, the movie had really great kills and some of the best in the franchise. If you like gross and graphic kills, then I highly recommend this movie. To some fans, good kills can make up for the rest of the movie, and for other fans, they cannot save the rest of the movie. However,  I do believe that Halloween Ends will be a great end to the franchise and I can’t wait!