Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta Surprise Opening Excites Fans Worldwide

Michael De La Rosa, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is finally out and many are excited to play. Prior to the release of the multiplayer game, there were leaks from multiple sources stating that Halo would be releasing an unannounced multiplayer release.

The official Pringles website even had a countdown for the release of Halo Infinite multiplayer, which when calculated, had its launch date land on November 15, 2021. Fans were hyped as a technical preview was released to content creators weeks prior to the public release.

Intro into a multiplayer match

Some Halo veterans were worried about how Infinite would play due to the controversy over the most recent installments of the Halo franchise which were described as “death to the series.”

Some thought that since the multiplayer would be free, that the game’s current owner, 343 Games, would take the opportunity to litter the game with micro-transactions and cosmetics. Yet, while Halo Infinite does feature in-game currency and a Battle Pass, many find that the game’s only problem is the progression system. 343 has pushed out hotfixes for this–such as giving players 50 experience points per match played and they also put out a recent update giving players an increased amount of experience from their first games played.

Some have speculated that most of the oversights 343 has made were on purpose; to show that fixing the issue would be “listening to the players.” However, a majority of complaints are of the progression, leveling, and customization systems instead of the gameplay itself.

Customization has been a key feature for multiplayer in Halo. In Halo Reach, cosmetics were unlocked through in-game challenges and achievements. Halo Infinite features none of these and instead has players unlock cosmetics through the Battle Pass and the in-game store. This was the main source of complaints as this decision follows the recent trend in games by having the game be free and lock customization through money.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was met with immense satisfaction as was seen in the reviews players have made on Steam. Many have stated that Halo Infinite fixes some problems that other Halo games fell flat on fixing (Halo Reach’s bullet spread and Halo 4‘s detachment from the original formula) while also providing a feeling of nostalgia for older players.

Right now there are only a few game modes to play randomly through Quickplay, Big Team Battle, and Ranked, or limited time events such as the recent Fiesta mode. In the future, there will be a wider selection of game modes to play such as a returning Slayer Playlist and SWAT Playlist.

Halo Infinite is out now on Steam, Xbox, and Microsoft Store.