Valentine’s Day Gifts Come From the Heart

Ashley Piedra, Staff Writer

What are Valentine’s Day grams? They are little gifts that you give someone special to you, and there are different ways that you can make a gram. You can do a candy gram or create something new like paper flowers and chocolate hearts. Valentine’s grams can come with lollipops, candy canes, or chocolates and usually are delivered with a ribbon to put it together.

Valentine’s is a day when even a small gift can be important. A traditional Valentine’s Day gram at school can be made or purchased for someone and it will be delivered to their class. It’s usually a letter with chocolate and sometimes a rose. Valentine’s Day gift ideas are something a lot of people think about because they don’t have a clue what to give their loved one or their friend. With holiday grams, the problem is solved for you.

Valentine’s Day grams

One gift idea is a teddy bear. Who wouldn’t want a teddy to sleep with and hug? You can also give a basket full of snacks and items a person would want or need such as perfume, clothes, snacks, hair products, etc.

You can decorate the basket with lights and a theme color; however, for Valentine’s Day, the colors red, white, and pink are good choices. Another great present would be a sweet treat. For someone who loves to bake, cookies, cakes, and yummy treats would be a great gift idea.

A video book is also a great way to cherish memories and have a fun time looking back with that special someone. Candles make a great present because not only will you make someone’s room smell good, but you can get a candle with writing on it like “World’s Greatest Mom.” You can also write a sweet message for them to read. It doesn’t really matter what you give someone, the effort is what matters.