New Tuesday Schedule is Favored by Most Students and Staff


New Tuesday Schedule

Yoloxin Tapia Melena

Starting with the second semester, the old Tuesday Schedule has changed. For the last two years, our Tuesdays have started at 9:00 in the morning. But starting this new semester, Birmingham has decided to extend the late start to 9:40.

This is great for those students that dislike waking up early. Now they have the chance to get more sleep or use that time to get ready for school and much more.

Here is the New Tuesday Schedule

Students have expressed their feelings towards the new schedule. Some very much enjoy getting the extra 40 minutes in the morning. Students still tend to arrive late to school sometimes.

Others don’t like this new schedule because they might not have a ride since their ride usually has already left to work or wherever they might be heading.

Students and staff also are more energetic since it isn’t that early in the morning. They have the chance to wake up later and get their energy levels up.

The classes are also shortened by 17 minutes each, which most students and staff arguably enjoy very much because the block schedule of 88-minutes classes can sometimes be a little tiring.

Here is the schedule for regular days.


Class still ends every day at 3:27, so that has not changed.

Overall, this new schedule change is very much liked by students and staff. Let’s hope this new schedule will stay for many more years to come.