Yoloxin Tapia Melena

Yoloxin Tapia Melena, Staff Writer

Yoloxin Tapia is a sophomore at Birmingham Community Charter High School. She has been at this school since her freshmen year. She enjoys going to the mall every weekend and loves to read books. Yoloxin is the biggest fan of Shawn Mendes. She knows all of his songs even the unreleased ones. She also has a big passion for trauma surgery. That is her biggest goal in life, to become a trauma surgeon. That's her biggest passion in the whole world. Her favorite beverage is water and her favorite Starbucks drink is a, mango dragon fruit refresher with lemonade double blended and light ice. She is probably the most honest person you'll ever meet. She speaks her mind no matter what. She has one sister and one brother.

Yoloxin spends her free time always doing something different. No days are the same for her. She loves going out to eat with her friends or her cousins. She loves going to theme parks during the weekend. Her favorite theme park is Disneyland. Disney has always been her favorite place since she was a little girl. She loves hanging out with her best friend Sophia. She has always been there for her through the good times and the bad ones. They are very different people and are nothing alike which makes it better.

Yoloxin is also a very positive person. She likes to cheer people up because everyone needs someone to be there for them. No one should be sad. She also thinks that all pain is temporary because at the end of the day you are better than whatever has brought you down.

Yoloxin has huge plans after high school. School is one of the most important things to her. She's very determined to get into a great four year university and major in Human Biology. After that, she wants to get into UCSF for medical school to pursue her passion of becoming a trauma surgeon. Then, she wants to get a great residency to finally become a trauma surgeon.  She also hates when people ask her "Why Medicine?" The truth is, she cannot tell you why. Its a very personal dream to her. The desire to help others is unexplainable. She also chose trauma because everything else is boring for her. She thinks telling people that she saved their loved ones life is the best feeling in the world. If trauma doesn't work out for her she would also love to be a transplant surgeon.  If this dream of hers comes true she will be in awe.

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Yoloxin Tapia Melena