Moon Knight, Marvel’s Crime-Fighting Vigilante


The movie poster for Marvel’s new series, Moon Knight

Daniel Espinoza, Staff Writer

Marvel’s vigilante, Moon Knight, is getting his own show adaptation with the first episode set to be released on March 30, 2022. Oscar Isaac is set to play the protagonist of the show, Marc Spector (Moon Knight).

The first season of Moon Knight will consist of six episodes with 40 to 50 minutes per show. When compared to other Marvel shows such as, Loki and Wandvision, this timeframe seems very standard. Despite all of this, Moon Knight seems to be a relatively new name to the average Marvel fan. Who and what should we expect from this series?

Moon Knight first debuted in the comic Werewolf By Night #32. This comic was released back in 1975 and featured Moon Knight as the antagonist of the story. Moon Knight had gained popularity from his appearance in the comic book.

Despite his rising popularity, he wouldn’t get his own comic book solo series until 1980. The real identity of the character Moon Knight is a man known as Marc Spector. He is a mercenary who was left with fatal injuries in the desert. The Ancient Egyptian God, Khonshu, offered Spector a second chance at life. In return, Spector would have to do his bidding. Spector agreed and with that, the character of Moon Knight was born. 

Moon Knight 1980’s Premiere Issue

This show has a lot of potential directions when it comes to how it could be depicted. The main character trait of Moon Knight is his ability to have multiple personalities.

Moon Knight has three separate personalities: Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, and Mr. Knight. Steven Grant is a self-made wealthy businessman.

The contrasting personality to Steven Grant is one of Moon Knight’s other personalities, Jake Lockley, a taxicab driver who has a lot of intel about the shady business that takes place in New York City.

His final personality is the very formal Mr.Knight, who is a well-put-together detective that approaches problems with a stoic attitude.

As the release date approaches, the hype around the show only builds. People are curious as to how this show will be portrayed and how it will fall into place with the current MCU timeline.

Another vigilante in the Marvel live-action universe would be a very satisfying addition. The reputation and portrayal of this character will depend solely on the scriptwriters and Oscar Isaac’s performance. Marvel fans will finally have an amazing character to fulfill their crime-fighting needs.