Fashion Trends Diversify in 2022


Ireri Torres , Staff Writer

At the beginning of 2022, so many different fashion trends have become popularized. This year people have really been open-minded about fashion and it shows through social media.

One of the most popular fashion trends this year has been baggy attire. Some examples of baggy attire are baggy jeans, baggy sweaters, and baggy shirts. Recently, the latest fashion trends have been 90’s- inspired and early 2000s. Since the 2000s are back in style, a lot of 2000s clothing brands have made comebacks, such as Bebe and Ed Hardy.

Another popular fashion trend at the moment has been earth tones, meaning neutral tones. Neutrals have been one of the most long-lasting trends this year so far. Accessories have also played a big part this year. Some statement pieces for women have been small purses and dainty jewelry. The most popular accessories for men have been silver jewelry and flashy watches.

There has also been a recent change in hairstyles and colors. Bright hair colors have been in this year. Red or burgundy hair has been popular during the spring for women. Men have been rocking with light brown hair and light hi-lights. Ginger hair has also been popular and featured.

Kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner in a wide v-necked black shirt
Air Jordans “Court Purple 2.0”

Shoes this year have also been such a big part of fashion. Jordan’s have always been in style and are still one of the most popular footwear this year. Converse and platform sandals have also made a comeback.

Recently, people have paired Converse with dresses and baggy attire. Women have paired platform sandals with 90s-inspired dresses.

This year has seen lots of diversity in fashion. Currently, there are more than 20 different fashion trends. Every week there are new things in style. I have seen that many people have expanded their closets because of social media.

I can agree that social media has impacted a lot of people with the latest trends. Many people get their fashion inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok. These platforms have really influenced fashion within the year.