Fast and Furious 7 Review


Jallon Williams, Staff Reporter

Furious 7, was released Friday April 3, 2015. The movie was the seventh installment in the Fast and Furious series. The movie starred Dwyane Johnson, Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker. Furious 7 is dominating the box offices, and is the fastest movie in history to make one billion dollars worldwide.

This movie contains bigger and wilder stunts that seemed to make the stunts from the other Fast and Furious  movies look like mere child’s play. The film picked up on the story line from the previous movie which starred Owen Shaw played by Luke Evans. His brother Ian Shaw played by Jason Statham, is the primary antagonist of the seventh film. He comes back to get revenge, for his brother’s incarceration, by hunting down the Fast and Furious crew one by one. The movie starts off with Paul Walker trying to get acclimated with a life away from all the action. Seeing Paul Walker in the first scene overwhelmed the viewers with emotion. Watching and seeing him in such a lively state was gut-wrenching.

After watching the first emotional scene with Paul Walker, viewers were immediately catapulted back into the high-octane action of Fast and Furious. Ian Shaw calls Dom (Vin Diesl), to let him know he killed one of his friends, and action ensues. The characters then search for a hacker who has a special program which could help them track down and kill Ian Shaw. The characters search all around the world for the hacker and her special program “God’s Eye”. They fly through buildings with cars in Dubai, they drive cars out of airplanes in the Caucasus Mountains, and they evade a drone with machine guns while driving through the streets of Los Angeles.

Though his loss is felt throughout the movie, you won’t feel the full extent of Walker’s death until the final ten minutes. The final scene with Walker and Diesel, ended the same way the first movie ended, with the pair side by side in their cars. The song “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa, ft Charlie Puth, played in the background while the two speed off in different directions, marking the end of their journey together.

Overall the movie was a filled with tears, adrenaline rushes, car crashes, and explosions. Seeing Furious 7  in theaters is definitely worth the money, and you wont be disappointed.