Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Movie Review


Tom Cruise hanging off of an airplane door.

Jack Freeman, Sports Editor

The newest edition to the Mission: Impossible series was full of action and multiple exciting plot twists. There is also of course a love interest in the movie, Ilsa Faust who is played by Rebecca Ferguson. Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt is chasing Ilsa throughout the movie to determine if they are on the same side. The movie starts off with an incredible scene of Ethan Hunt hanging on the side door of an airplane that is taking off. Tom Cruise did indeed do the scene himself which is even makes the scene even more unbelievable.

The plot twists throughout the whole movie leave the viewer on the edge of their seat during the movie. These plot twists make the movie very interesting because just when it seems like everything is going to be okay, a monkey wrench is thrown in to stir up problems for Ethan Hunt and his team. The abrupt changes in the plot also keep the viewer intrigued and not looking at their watch every 15 minutes to see when the movie is going to be over.

Along with every Mission: Impossible movie, there is a love interest.  In the most recent addition to the series, Ethan Hunt first meets Ilsa Faust when he is being tortured to give up information. The two work together briefly for that moment but then split up when Ethan escapes and goes with his team. The two meet each other again when Ethan is on another one of his elaborate missions and they work together, but of course she tricks him into thinking they were working together and things go downhill. At the very end of the movie, the duo run into each other again and this time, the two must work together which is interesting to see due to the fact Ilsa tricked Ethan earlier.

The movie had a great deal of incredible action along with an intriguing plot. Rogue Nation was a fantastic new addition to the Mission: Impossible series and leaves the viewer wanting to see more of them. Tom Cruise once again did not disappoint with the unbelievable stunts that he did himself to make the movie even more fascinating to watch.