Fall Fashion Trends


Jenny Cubas, Front Page/ News Editor

With fall in the air, fashion trends are continuously changing each year. This year’s fashion trends include; boyfriend jeans, boots, flannels, halter tops, and so much more.

 Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are distressed denim with many threads hanging. They are comfortable and easy to pair with almost any top. These types of jeans can be found at well-known stores such as; H&M, Forever 21, American Eagle and Hollister Co. Depending on where you shop, the price will vary but it is not as expensive as it seems.


Image result for doc marten boots fall

Another fall favorite are boots. Most people love boots because they come in different styles and colors that suit them. Doc Marten, or Doc Marten inspired, boots are currently the trend, they are much adored because they finish off an outfit well. Since Doc Martens are popular, a person can find them at fashion stores like H&M or Aldo’s. The original Doc Martens can be a bit on the pricier side, ranging from $80 to $200. On the other hand, a person can find “knock-off’s” that can be much lower from $40 at H&M to $60 at Nordstrom.


Flannels can be used in so many different styles and with the warmth that comes with it, you will snug the entire fall. Flannels can be found at almost every store and can vary in different colors and styles. Flannels can cost approximately $15 to $20 at stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Charlotte Russe.

Halter Tops

Even though its winter and halter tops are usually cropped, one can style it to make it a perfect fall outfit. Halter tops are midriff shirts, that are sleeveless and tied around the neck. These tops are popular because they come in usually solid colors, can be paired with almost any clothing, and can be layered. They can be found at popular stores such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Brandy Melville. At Forever 21 they can cost around $7 to $15 and at Urban Outfitters they cost $20 to $50.