Can Money Buy Happiness?


Jenny Cubas, Front Page/ News Editor

When you think about what makes you happy, is money the first thing that comes to your mind? Many people believe money can solve every problem, while others think it only creates more. It is said that it’s human nature to want more than you already have. The reason behind why money is very important to us is because it is what motivates us every day to get out of bed early. When you think about it, we go through education, college, and jobs, just to get a decent amount of money when we get older.

So many people are money driven because society painted a picture of the idea that the more money you have, the more popular you become. By becoming more popular, a person’s social status is bumped up and they can make themselves feel better. In my opinion, money can make life 100 times easier, but it can’t create happiness. I believe people find happiness in the things they do and the people they spend time with, not with the things money can buy or the way those purchases can make you feel.

On the other hand, people think money can only create more problems than it can solve. At times, money is the reason why people fight or are angry. Like I said before, since money is the driving force, when we can’t obtain any, we only get more frustrated. Even though money is how everyone gets through life, people try to find joy in the little things such as walking down the beach at sunset or watching a movie with your dog while eating a home cooked meal.