L.A County Fair: A Farm, Rides, Deep Fried Foods and Much More!


Denise Reynoso, Opinion Editor

 As summer begins to end, what’s a better way to kick off the ending of summer than with a fair?  The LA  County Fair! The LA County Fair has many things to offer and appeals to all ages. Want something for your little brother or sister?  You’re in luck because there’s a kid zone for the little ones but what about for you? Don’t worry there are also rides and games for you. There’s even an extreme zone and that’s where all the crazy rides are. Or you could simply go to a concert if you don’t like rides. There are many shops so you or your parents can shop around. The shops include many things such as: clothing, paintings, henna, little knick knacks, horror items, electronic products, etc.

Now let’s get down to business and talk about the food!  Being a fair, you best believe that there are deep- fried foods. Deep-fried Oreos, chicken, frog legs, twinkies, funnel cake, even bacon! But that’s not all the deep fried foods as the list goes on. There was also lots of B.B.Q such as: ribs, giant turkey legs, corn, baked beans, etc. Many others foods as well were offered from all sorts of cultures. Since the food was in open stands, the aroma alone will make you hungry, now imagine how it looked! Not only the food, but the drinks too! They had lemonade, fresh milk from the farm, milk shakes, a variety of sodas, and, of course, the alcoholic drinks. You can get a souvenir cup to help save paper and you get a discount if you have the souvenir cup and you get to take it home, so it’s a win-win.

Another cool thing about the fair are the attractions it has to offer. Such as its shopping district, animatronic dinosaur exhibit, traveling circus, a farm, Mojo’s Forest, cultural district, a parade, and not to forget about the rides and games! The Traveling Circus had animals, clowns, acrobatics, and magic tricks. The parade had school bands, vintage cars, show horses and floats. As for the rides, of course you needed tickets or you could buy a wrist band that’ll get you on all the rides. A lot of the fast-paced rides may give you motion sickness if you aren’t used to rides or if you haven’t been on rides for awhile.

 The cost of wristbands was 50 dollars a person, however Subway does have a discount for the wristband and lowered the price significantly. The wristbands includes all the rides and two free carnival games. However, if you’d prefer to get tickets those will be costly, 100 tickets cost 100 dollars and the rides are about 10-20 tickets per person on one ride, so your tickets will go quickly if you’re in a group or even if it’s just you and another person. Tickets do include carnival games as well not only the rides. As for the pricing, the food was costly as well because I was in a group, my family. A lot of the food pricing was affordable and the same goes for the drinks.   

I enjoyed the L.A County Fair although it tends to get very crowded to the point where you can’t walk. I did go during the week and it was not as crowded when I had gone on the weekend.