New vs Veteran Teachers

Dana Nuqui and

Times are changing and so are the staff here at Birmingham. Teachers have come and gone, retired, or wound up teaching at a different school. Although each reason for leaving is different, every teacher has left some legacy or even some memories in students’ lives. The question is, are the newer freshman teachers at Birmingham better than those of seniority?

We all remember a thing or two of what our teachers at Birmingham have taught us, but what students never forget is how a teacher made them feel.

Teachers here at Birmingham range from ages 25 to 54 to even 82 years old, but what makes all these teachers unique?

Older teachers that have been around longer and are much wiser help students along the way when things get tough. They have more experience with teaching because they’ve dealt with so many kids.

Younger and newer teachers have an easier time with connecting and relating to the students because the generation gap is closer.

The whole experience of learning is not just sitting in a desk with a textbook and trying to get through school. It’s also about building a teacher-student relationship. Whether the teachers are young or old, each and every teacher has something to offer. They want to help students succeed in what they want in life.