Is Homework Really Necessary?


Stacy Corea and Hadaasa Nae

“The purpose of homework is to bridge the gap between children’s learning at school and at home,” according to There are some advantages and some disadvantages of doing homework. One of the advantages of homework is that students can engage with their studies. Assigning homework allows students to revise the material they learned throughout the day at school. Even though the whole day is spent at school, class time is not always the best time to engage students with their school work. There are distractions everywhere to disturb them. The other side of doing homework is that it takes up your free time. It eats up the valuable time kids have to spend with their family, attend extracurricular activities, and catching up with friends. Even though school work is important, we also need a break from it to enjoy life. Another disadvantage is that homework causes children to feel exhausted. After a busy day at school, sitting down to do homework can seem like an impossible task, causing stress for some kids. All this can lead to issues such as sleep deprivation, anxiety, and depression.

Homework can help you or add more to your plate. Doing homework can help you memorize important details that you will later need in school. Too much homework can cause your brain to stress, because you’re forcing your memory to take in too much knowledge. The important key is to find a balance point between school and your social life. Being able to have a balanced schedule allows students to be less busy and more focused.

Teachers also have an important impact with the assigning of homework. Most teachers think giving added work helps students internalize the information they have taken in earlier that day. This is a well- known debate among teachers and parents, and even students weighing in on this issue. Students often criticize the enormous amount of work they are given daily. One of the reasons for this might be the lack of understanding and empathy towards students overloaded with homework.