One Week Deadline Is Not Enough Time! (to change classes)

One huge step for Student kind.

One huge step for Student kind.

Jonathan Vicente, Staff Writer

“Should I keep the class or change it?” That is a question many students face when it is the beginning of the year or semester. The school gives us just a week to change our schedule, but it’s more like five school days. Many students believe that it is an unjust amount of time. I think so too and that is why I think two weeks would be a much better time limit for schedule changes. Their are various reasons as to why allowing extra time to make this decision is beneficial.

Point one is what I call teacher cat fishing. The reason why I call it teacher cat fishing is because some teachers act like fun and chill teachers, but once the first week is up, it’s like, “Here is a stack of homework and I want it done by next class. Stop crying! What? You thought this class was going to be easy? You are going to learn today. Welcome to the real world, son!”

Unfortunately, this is what some teachers are like after the trial week. Also, you can forget about switching classes in the future if you miss out on the trial week to change your classes.

I think you have to really feel out a class before making the SERIOUS decision about staying or dropping the class.

Which leads me to my second point. Trying to drop a class is harder than it should be. There is a sentence that can almost guarantee you not having a schedule change. “May I drop a class?” Wondering why? Well I have no idea. Counselors take that sentence like a form of blasphemy and will do everything in their powers to make sure that doesn’t happen. Many students think signing the schedule change paper means instantaneous class drop, but they are far from right.

They want us to make real life choices, but they give us no choices.

Which leads me to point number three. College preparation classes are preparing us for college yet they don’t even let us make college level choices. How can you make college level choices when you get don’t get those choices?  In college, you are given several weeks to decide whether to drop a class–without reasons given. At BCCHS, you are not allowed to drop a class after the first week. Also, if you are able to drop a class, you may not drop a class because of a teacher. But I ask you, why not? There are different types of learners in the world and there are also different types of teachers. Some students and teachers don’t coincide or mesh well together.

I think that there should be a longer time period to change classes. Also I think that you should be able to drop classes that you are not required to take. Finally, I also think that you should be able drop a class because of a teacher.