Sadie Winterer
Sadie is a hippie, for starters. She is not a feminist; She's an equalist. She believes everyone deserves respects simply for being alive. Sadie believes that everything is connected, a.k.a. the cycle of life.

Sadie loves her siblings Austin and Jackie. They get along more than most siblings. They are two of the few people in this world who completely understand her. They may disagree with her, but they accept Sadie as she is.

She's dedicated to everything she does. Sadie is involved in Krav Maga (Israeli street fighting), waterpolo, swimming, and now journalism. She loves to swim, draw, write, dance, and sing.

The word "weird" is not in her vocabulary. Nothing's out of the regular or different, just new. Sadie believes there is an explanation to everything, but also knows that humanity's knowledge and understanding can only grasp so much.

Sadie Winterer, Editor in Chief

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Sadie Winterer