Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera is a 16 year old junior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. He enjoys going to school and learning new things every day. His goal is to enroll in a four year college and graduate with a degree in architecture. Once he heard about architects, he never thought about another job. He believes if he works hard in school and never gives up, he can accomplish his dream job. He would love to get architecture or engineering classes in school some day.

He is currently not involved in any clubs because they didn't catch his attention. His favorite subject in school is math because he likes to think out of the box. He likes to help people out when they are having trouble in anything. He also likes to motivate students to give it all they got in school because it can lead them to be successful in life.

He enjoys playing sports but isn't participating in any sports in school. His favorite sport is baseball because it runs in his family. Jose fell in love with baseball at a young age and ever since it has become a passion for him.

He has always been a positive person no matter how bad the situation can get. He doesn't like staying home and he's an adventurous person that likes to explore new things every day. He is currently obsessed with the game Fortnite, but believes he's not that great at it. He likes to play anything that completely involves him.


Jose Rivera, Staff Writer

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Jose Rivera